Emily Vilcsak


When I was six years old I started my first entrepreneurial venture. Equipped with some string, beads, and homemade business cards, I created Summer Wrists: my bracelet making business. My target audience? The moms that sat in the stands during my brother’s baseball games. By the time I was eight years-old, I was taking online orders and mailing the bracelets around the city. Maybe the countless moms I made sales to thought they were giving a toonie to make the eager and enthusiastic Emily smile, but they gave me so much more than a coin. Their support and my family’s entrepreneurial spirit sparked an interest in business and the power of a community.

Fast forward to 2019. I am a people person through and through. My volunteering, work, and social life have always been community centered. I value the ability to create connections with the people I interact with. When I heard about the Bachelor of Communication Studies program at MacEwan University, I knew it was the perfect fit. I knew I could build a career that fueled my passions of public speaking, writing, business—and connections, of course­.

Since starting my degree in 2016, I have held communications jobs with non-profit and private organizations on the local and national level. While volunteering in Mexico for the summer of 2017, I worked remotely as the Social Media and Communications Assistant with the Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour, a national project for Canada’s 150th—it was both challenging and rewarding. I learned the ropes of online presence development and growth.

One day, in my Mexico apartment, I received the news over FaceTime that I had been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal for the positive impact of my youth empowerment program, Mission I’mPossible. The program has continued to grow since then. I have spoken at dozens of schools and conferences around Alberta, including being recognized at We Day Alberta in front of 16,000 students.

In the last two years, I have worked with organizations such as the St. Albert Victim Services and the Community Information and Volunteer Centre in St. Albert, and the St. Albert Men’s Slow Pitch. My community-focused work has expanded my expertise in strategic planning, database creation and management, content creation, and design. With Visionary Entertainment and the New York based startup, Walden, I have focused on event coordination, volunteer recruitment, external communications, and design for print and online materials. I have been able to apply what I have learned in my communications degree and expand upon my expertise through practical, challenging, and fulfilling work.

So, what’s next? Say hello to EVE Communications. I created the brand Emily Vilcsak Enterprises (EVE) when I realized it was time to focus my side hustle projects, public speaking, and communications into a brand that maintained the personal aspects of my work. As a people person, I wanted to grow and build a business surrounded by motivated, talented people which is when Matthew and I crossed paths. We had started the degree program at the same time, and after our third A+ group project we worked on together, we realized that our were skills were both unique and balanced. We are poised and ready to use to positively impact individuals and businesses through connection and communications.

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