Communications that build connections

We are your personal communications experts. With personalized service designed to meet the needs of unique clients with unique projects, we know that we can provide the communications expertise that your next project requires. Whether you are you need to develop your online presence, take your market research to the next level, or prepare public relations releases, EVE Communications is here to help.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

At EVE Communications, we understand what it is like to start a company from scratch (and now look at us go!), and we know what it is like to have no idea where to start. When we sat down and created this company, we were just like you: asking what do we need, how much will it cost, where can we get it, or how can we make it. Take a breath, we can help. With our grassroots approach, we are confident that we can help you bring your dreams to life, no matter where in the entrepreneurial process your company is.

The Student Life #Struggle

Macaroni from the box, again? We’ve been there. EVE Communications offers industry-leading price points for students and student entrepreneurs that ensures you will have enough cash in your wallet to buy the hotdogs that your mac and cheese is missing.

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