Stopping the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t need to mean stopping your small business.

Let Us Help.

EVE Communications is offering flexible short-term contracts based on delivering a Crisis Response Package to our clients in a way that they can afford.

Who We Are

EVE Communications was formed around the concept of holistic communications. We provide Edmonton’s small businesses and startup community with full, around-the-clock communications support.

Offering services that include brand development, content creation, proposal writing and technical communications, social media management, copy writing, web design, human resource management, and visual marketing, EVE Communications can be your remote communications department.

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COVID-19 Crisis Response Package

We can help.

We want to do everything we can to help you maintain your small business while Edmontonians take the proper steps to maintain social distance. That’s why we’ve created an initiative called the Crisis Response Package.

This package will allow small business owners to respond bravely to this crisis by crafting a public statement that will inform your customers of your continued operation, maintaining a social connection to their communities and customers through social media management and content generation, and developing an online strategy including the creation of an online marketplace with e-commerce functionality for your business.

We are offering the Crisis Response Package at a very flexible rate based on short-term contracts. We understand that footing a bill for public relations is the last problem you need right now, so we will design a custom payment plan that will let you pay what you can, when you can.

Please feel free to utilize our templates so that you can provide your customers & clients with information within minutes.

COVID-19 Response Templates

COVID-19 Information Document

Click here to download a copy of our comprehensive information and guidelines document.

General COVID-19 Response Template for Small Businesses

Click here to download a copy of our general response template.

COVID-19 Response Template for Restaurants

Click here to download a copy of our general response template for restaurants.

Want to stay updated?

Our blog will bring you updates on local Edmonton business owners and entrepreneurs and how they are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.